New Beginning

New Beginning
New Beginning

The journey thru life give me opportunity to start a new beginning constantly. You may notice that life is more like a roller coaster. As the journey to the peak is slow and steady but when it starts to drop, it goes in seconds. My story starts with a humble beginning which took 10 years to peak and achieve my financial goals. However, life loves to play trick on me thus challenging me again to start from the bottom in 2017.

What Happen?

Well I actually had start this blog last year somewhere in Aug but I had made a mistake transferring this blog from HostGator to Exabytes thus losing everything. Its ok, I’m always up for a challenge. Bring It On.

I will share mostly on financial planning products that is available in the market. You may wonder what is my qualification to talk about this serious matter. I’m currently certified by MFPC which allows me to carry the title of ‘Affiliate Registered Financial Planner’. Coming from an engineering background than left out to dry. I had to find an alternative and finds the financial industry is the way to go. Now, I’m currently a life planner with AIA Public Takaful Unit Trust Consultant with CIMB Wealth Advisors and Islamic Estate Planner with As-Salihin Trustee.

If you have any question or problem in regards to financial planning just give me a buzz. I will try to help as much as I can.

The Grand Scheme

I’m inspire to write a blog because this amazing lady, Vivy Yusof thru her blog Proudduck She is the co-founder of Fashion Valet and The dUCK Group. Reading her journey inspire me to work harder toward my goal and document it in the same way she did. I wish that I will someday achieve greatness as she has. Hope that this blog will interest you as well.

PS: Depending on my mood I will be writing in either Bahasa Melayu or English. 😉


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