Why Malaysian Choose AIA

Why Malaysian Choose AIA
Malaysia Leading Protection Provider

AIA Malaysia Bhd is the leading insurer in Malaysia and has been in business since 1948. Moreover, AIA Public Takaful Bhd incorporated on 11 March 2011 provides Shariah solutions to satisfy the needs of Muslim market. The company is aggressively building its brand across the country. Furthermore, introducing innovative protection product to meet Malaysian current financial needs. As of November 30, 2016, AIA total asset is estimated around RM48 billion with a paid-up capital of RM767 million.  Therefore, being a cash rich company promotes confident among AIA clients. Clearly this became one of the main reason why Malaysian choose AIA to assist in their financial planning.

AIA Core Structure

For you to understand why Malaysian choose AIA as their favourite insurance provider you need to know the parent company. Now, AIA Group Limited is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the stock code “1299” with American Depositary Receipts (Level 1) traded on the over-the-counter market (ticker symbol: “AAGIY”).  Furthermore, AIA Group Limited comprises the largest independent publicly listed Pan-Asian life insurance group. Besides that, as of November 2016, the total assets were estimate around USD185 billion. Currently AIA is presence in 18 Asia-Pacific markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Indonesia and few other subsidiaries. Accordingly, with a team who focus in developing innovative long-term savings and protection products contributes in making AIA the industry pacesetter.

Innovative Protection Coverage Product

There are 4 main groups in Family Takaful protection which are life, medical, critical illness protection and investment solution. This is the reason why you may hear that some people have more than 1 insurance policy. It is important for every Malaysian to have at least 3 policy which covers your medical expenses, income protection and critical illness indemnity. As if you are unlucky these problems may wipe-out your entire saving and make you bankrupt.

Life Protection

Life is full of uncertainties. So, adequate protection should be your top priorities to safeguard your loved one’s future. Therefore, AIA provides 3 life protection solution that meets different life stages to compliment Malaysian needs. For Takaful, the main policy is an investment-link product which are A-LifeLink-I, A-Life Joy-I and A-Life Signature-i & A-Life Signature-I PlusOne.

Medical Protection

Today, with longer life expectancy your healthcare should not be a risk that is not covered. The medical treatment cost is continuously increasing, you need to ensure you have a sufficient medical coverage. There are 2 types of solution for medical coverage. One is standalone medical card know as A-Life Med Regular-I where the premium gradually increases based on mortality. Second, are unit deducting rider attached to the A-LifeLink which is A-Plus Med Regular-i and A-Plus Med Booster-i. The latest product in AIA inventory is A-Plus Baby Care-I which provide newborn hospitalization claims.

Critical Illness Protection

As the world had moved to a fast paced and demanding lifestyle had led to a significant increase in the number of illness and diseases. Due to the long-term recovery is required, you may need to indemnified if diagnose with critical illness. To protect your health and income AIA proves two types of solution. There a two-traditional critical coverage product which are A-Life Cancer360-I and A-Life Lady360-I introduce by AIA.  Second type of product is a unit deducting rider.  There are five different type riders produced by AIA, which has its own benefits. The riders are A-Plus Critical Care-I, A-Plus Early Critical Care-I, A-Plus Multi Critical Care-I, A-Plus Junior Critical Care-i and A-Plus Waiver-i.

Saving & Investment

Making you money work harder than you is every investors dream. Rainy days, dream holidays, kids’ education, retirement – whatever you’re saving up for, it’s important that you have the right plan to start growing your nest. Hence, AIA design A-Enrich Gold to maximise your potential returns by entrusting your investment with us.

The Game Change

To continue to lead the insurance industry in Malaysia, AIA has introduced a game changer program to transform the industry from a morbid to joyful. Vitality is a product that came from South Africa which is a program that rewards you in your effort in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In which, AIA approach Vitality to integrate the concept and culture in the insurance industry. Therefore, AIA Vitality was introduce to Malaysia which rewards the members who are committed in improving their health.

I really hope that you would benefit from my sharing and make the right choice in selecting the best financial solution provider in the market.  Now, I’m sure now you are convince that  there are the reason why Malaysian choose AIA as their insurer.

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