Why Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Why Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Few day ago, Durrah was not feeling well. She had a running nose and was vomiting frequently. We decided to bring her to clinic TTDI Manja Square at Sri Manja. As this clinic specializes for paediatric cases.  When doctor check her chest, he notices that the lung is very chesty and immediately gave Durrah nebuliser. After the nebuliser, the doctor mention that the condition did not improve. Hence, suggested that Durrah to be admitted to the hospital as she need the nebuliser every 4 hours. We did not immediately when to the hospital as Durrah was as bubbly as her usual self. However, around 2 in the morning, Durrah could not sleep as has difficulty in breathing. So, this post will share about why Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) was our first choice of preference.


PHKL Emergency Section

Now when you go to a hospital at 2 in the morning, there is no clinic open. Therefore, we when directly to the emergency section of PHKL. We gave the reference letter provided from the clinic to the registration counter and within minutes the nurse performs preliminary checks. The Medical Officer (MO) on Duty, immediately as the nurse to prepare nebuliser for Durrah to improve her breathing. Furthermore, they had also draw several tubes of Durrah blood to analyse for infection. The similar recommendation was given to us by the MO to ward Durrah to monitor her condition.

PHKL Room Rates
Since we had agreed to admit Durrah at PHKL, I had started the admission process. Durrah has 2 medical coverage, one from Hidayah’s employee benefit which has a sharing coverage of RM 30,000 and a personal medical coverage of RM 1,000,000. It is important for you to use the coverage from your company first than only if the coverage exceeded the limit proceed to use your personal medical card. FYI, the current room rates at PHKL for single bed room is about RM 238 and twin sharing room is RM 138. Since our room limit was only RM 200 from EB and RM 150 for personal medical card we opt for twin sharing room. You will never know how much the bill will be at when you are discharge. Better the safe than sorry.
PHKL Admission Process

Since PHKL is not a platinum hospital with AIA, we were asked to pay for a deposit. When your guarantee letter (GL) is pending approved by AIA, PHKL will ask for a minimum deposit of RM 3,000. Alhamdulillah, while waiting for Durrah to complete her treatment the GL was approve from AIA. In good best-case scenario GL approval would take 2-6 hours. However, today was our lucky day, the GL was approved within 45min. Thumb up for AIA customer service team. Although the GL has been approved, PHKL still requires a minimum deposit of RM 600 for miscellaneous charges which insurance company does not cover. Example of miscellaneous charges are the blanket, welcome pack, tissue box and others. The execution by the staff who is efficient made the why Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) become favorite destination amount Klang Valley dwellers.

PHKL Room 

Durrah was admitted to Block C of PHKL at level 5 and room number 11. As you enter the ward you will be welcome with a very children friendly environment. First you may need register with the nurse in charge (NIC) and she will lead you to your room.  We were ushered to our twin sharing room which to me is comfortable and spacious. The most important they have a retractable chair for the guardian. to After you are settle-down, the NIC will give an induction to the ground rules  of PHKL and what you could expect from their services. They even go to the extend if, you need to go to the toilet you may call them to look after your child while you are away. One think that strike me is that they have a “Fall Policy” which emphasizes the  hospital is actually could cause a potential of a child to fall. Hence, parents or guardians needs to be mindful to avoid any mishaps.

PHKL Treatments

A nurse was assign to look after Durrah for every shift. Medication are given based on the doctor’s recommendation. Dr Chai, who is the attending physician for Durrah visits her twice in a day, one in the morning and later in the evening to monitor her health progression.   A cannula was inserted to Durrah’s hand as they need to administer her antibiotic directly to her system. According to Dr Chai, Durrah was infected with Mycoplasma Pneumonia which is treatable via antibiotic. So, daily Durrah has to take nebuliser 4 hourly to help her breath,  cough,  flu and antibiotics medicine to help her fight the infection. Personally, I’m very happy with the treatment that we received from PHKL team. 

PHKL Discharge Process

It has already been 4 days  and Durrah’s condition has improve significantly. Dr. Chai had recommend that Durrah could be discharge today. The process is very simple you just need to get the letter from the NIC. Go to the Admission & Discharge counter at the ground floor. You have to sign the release documentation however the deposit will be hold until AIA fully cleared the payment to the hospital. They mention if there are no problems it would take roughly 2 to 3 working days to process the deposit refund. Then we when to the pharmacy to take Durrah’s medicine. The discharge process took less than half an hour pack our things and off back home.

Hope my sharing  on why Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur will benefit you.


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