Your Network Is Your Net-worth

Your Network Is Your Net-worth
Financial Wisdom Of The Day

What is meant by Porter Gale in her quote’s Your Network is Your Net-worth, to me speaks a thousand words. Essentially your current state of being revolves around people you mingle with. As a result, the way your mind is program to react, will rely densely on the environment surrounds you either positive nor negative.

Look At Your Closest Friends?

Look closely to your 5 closest friends or companion that you spend the most on. You will realise that they are at the same spot as you are now. Moreover, try to be objective and observe them in different aspect like financially, emotionally, socially and even spiritually. Likewise, they are not much different than you

Who Are In Your Inner Circle?

However, look at your cycle of companion that you have meet in the past whether they are more successful or the ones than are less than you. In reality, they are no longer in your closest circle. Uniquely, this is a normal human nature as the saying goes, birds of the same feathers flock together. Hence, YOU have to decide and your decision will only be seen in the next 5 years.

Question You Must Ask Yourself

What Do You Want In Life?

Why Do You Need To Achieve You Financial Goals?

Where Will You Be In The Future?

How Do You Achieved Financial Freedom?

When Will You Achieve Your Financial Goals?

Persistence Is Key

Hence, you must decide your path and be persistance to follow the route. Along the way you may come across difficult challenges that will define you. But I guarantee when you reach YOUR destination you will achieved tranquility.

Therefore, be flexible in your approach, change your strategy when challenges arise but NEVER change your goals. With this in mind, you must give all you have and follow though with your plan. Under those circumstances, one day all of us will be champions in our own eyes.

Live Without Regrets


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